Discover Paris in authentic 2CV

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Convertible during the summer and endowed with a transparent top during the winter, the 2 CV of Paris offer your team a panoramic and impregnable view on Paris and its monuments all year long!


Number of participants: 160 people

Group size: 2 or 3 people

Duration: 3 hours

Languages: French, English, Spanish, Italian & German


With its mischievous look and its tremendous charm, this mythical blue, white and red car, drived by romantic parisian drivers, makes you discover the authentic Paris.

Many joyrides will be proposed to your co-workers, from the classic one to the most unsuspected one. We will recommend the most appropriate route for your team!


All drivers speak english, spanish, and italian and german on request.

Wearing the parisian beret, they know the slightest hidden recesses of the capital, its story and deliver many delicious anecdotes...


Team building, Discover Paris in authentic 2CV - 2


Team building, Discover Paris in authentic 2CV - 4

2CV Rally


  • Ideal to discover Paris and especially the Marais, St Germains des près, Quartier Latin…
  • Funny and user-friendly activities : photographic negative, little sporting event, cultural enigma,   orienteering and so on.
  • Teams will have differents routes to follow!



Teams are maked up before the departure.

The treasure hunt begins: teams will discover several places in a different order. This way, they will see the same roads but not in the same order!


2 CV Joyrides

Mythical leisurely drive

You start off by going down to the Champs-Elysées and to the big and small Palaces. Then, you admire the invalides by taking the bridge Alexandre III, the most beautiful of Paris!

Lastly, you will join the military academy and finally discover, raised in front of you, the Tour Eiffel Majesty !


Unsuspected leisurely drive:

The mission is to make you discover the hidden side of Paris... Take advantage of a poetic stroll in the narrow and unusual streets of the unsuspected Paris!


Results & Benefits

This workshop will arouse group interaction and bring your colleagues closed, helping them discover the hidden side of the authentic Paris together! 


Team building, Discover Paris in authentic 2CV - 6

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